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Sooo, what’s the deal?

It’s harder than ever to grow on TikTok 😞

With 1 billion users and millions of creators, it’s harder than ever to stand out.

We’ve known this issue ourselves as creators and were struggling to grow our own accounts...

There must be a better way, right?

Introducing Enforce Social for TikTok

Enforce Social: the fast and safe way to grow

We use a proven process that entails optimising your profile and content, and promoting your TikTok profile in our highly targeted engagement networks.

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Why Enforce Social?

Enforce helps
you get seen organically 🎉

From individuals and influencers, to fortune 500 companies.

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Real growth

We don't do bots or fake accounts. We are real people delivering awesome results. We don't even require access to your account!

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Profile optimization

A solid growth strategy is only half the work. We'll prepare and optimise your profile and hashtags for maximum growth.

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Our growth managers

Our team of experienced and dedicated TikTok growth managers are available around the clock to help you thrive.

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Fast Results

You'll see results directly after getting started. Start promoting your TikTok posts in our network, and watch the views, followers and engagement come in.

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24/7 Support

Our friendly in-house support team is available around the clock to help answer your questions and concerns. Your success is our #1 priority!

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Weekly trends

Know what's trending before it's trending! Get weekly updates about official TikTok trends and prepare your content for maximum growth!

Introducing Enforce Social Dashboard

Manage your growth easily through your dashboard.

See your growth, pick posts to highlight and upgrade your plan, without chatting to someone.
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Why Enforce Social?

How it works

Growing your followers as simple as ABC


1. Select your plan

We offer a variety of different plans to give you the best value for TikTok Growth.

2. Enter your info

We will never ask you for your password or other sensitive information. All we need is your TikTok username and e-mail address.


3. Watch the magic happen

Now the fun part begins. Select posts you want to promote in our network, and watch your TikTok blow up!

Plans & Pricing

Grow with Enforce

Over 10,000 daily users trust us as their #1 TikTok growth partner

Grow At Moderate Speed


$97/ month
Moderate follower growth
Moderate engagement
Promote 1 post per day
Weekly trend updates
Cancel anytime
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Grow Up To 300% Faster!


$129/ month
Maximum follower growth
Maximum engagement
Promote up to 2 posts per day
Expert guidance from top-influencers
Premium growth support
Weekly trend updates
Cancel anytime
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Our Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident that all plans receive a 10-day money-back guarantee. 

If you aren't increasing your engagement, we'll give a full refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions,
we got answers

Can't find your question? Contact us

How Many Followers And Engagement Should I Expect?

As each account is different, this number will vary.

If you’re consistently posting high-quality content you’re going to see a higher number of TikTok followers and engagement.

We can’t guarantee any specific number of followers because these are real people who have to decide by themselves whether or not to follow you.

Please don’t believe any company that says they can guarantee a specific number of followers – it’s just not possible.

Does This Really Work?!

Yes! TikTok followers and engagements aren't just a vanity metric — the number of likes and views you get directly affects TikTok's core algorithm. The more views and engagement your content has, the more people you're going to reach.

Buying engagement is the single best way of boosting your presence on social media — earning you more recognition, more followers, and ultimately, more conversions.

The more engagement a TikTok receives, the higher the chance of reaching the FYP page — opening you up to millions of new viewers.

Lots of engagement also serves as social proof for viewers that see your content. When a TikTok has a high number of likes or views, they're more likely to engage with it further. Buying engagement is a good way to catalyze this interaction.

Will It Work For My Industry?

Yes! Enforce Social will work for anyone trying to grow their TikTok.

As long as you post consistently, create interesting TikToks and follow our weekly trends, Enforce Social will work for you!

We use our own TikTok engagement networks to put your content in front of millions, which is really powerful!

Which Plan Should I Choose?

We offer two plans: Standard and Premium.

If you're just starting out on TikTok, we recommend going with the Standard plan.

If you're serious about your TikTok growth, the Premium plan offers faster and more growth!

What Can Enforce Social Help Me Accomplish?

Enforce Social helps you get more followers, views and likes on TikTok.

More followers means better social proof and increased brand awareness, which leads to more gigs, paid partnerships, or sales for your business!

Who Uses Enforce Social?

Enforce Social is being used by more than 10,000 customers on a daily basis.

We work with influencers, artists, celebrities, boutique stores, fortune-500 companies and more!

If you want to grow your TikTok, regardless of which industry you're in, Enforce Social will work for you!

Do You Need My Password?

No! We will never ask you for your login details.

We only need to know your username in order to get started.

Do You Offer Any Sort Of Guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 10 day money-back guarantee.

This means that if you are not happy within your first ten days of service, just let us know and we will issue you a refund. No questions asked!

Can I Cancel My Subscription Anytime?

Yes, you may cancel your account at any time. No contracts or long-term commitments!

Our #1 priority is to help you thrive on TikTok. If you're not satisfied with our service, you can cancel your subscription at any given time.

We like to keep it as flexible as possible. However, the people who have had the most success are the ones who have been with us the longest.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so via your dashboard or by contacting our support team

When cancelled, you will gain access to your Enforce Social dashboard until the end of the billing period. You will always keep the followers and engagement you gained as a result of using our service, even after you cancel!

Real Growth - Real Testimonials

What our customers say 😍

Discover why over 10,000+ creators and brands trust us

"Enforce Social has helped my profile take off in less than two weeks. I was absolutely stunned!"

Nora Ivy
TikTok Influencer
Home Slide Image

"Enforce Social has helped my profile take off in less than two weeks. I was absolutely stunned!"

Nora Ivy
TikTok Influencer
Home Slide Image

"Enforce Social has helped my profile take off in less than two weeks. I was absolutely stunned!"

Nora Ivy
TikTok Influencer
Home Slide Image

"Enforce Social has helped my profile take off in less than two weeks. I was absolutely stunned!"

Nora Ivy
TikTok Influencer
Home Slide Image

"Enforce Social has helped my profile take off in less than two weeks. I was absolutely stunned!"

Nora Ivy
TikTok Influencer
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